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Series 5 Aluminum Utility Trailers – Tandem Axle Up to 20ft

Choose Wisely. Choose Wolverine.

Specifications and Fabulous Features!

(2) 3500# – galvanized steel.

All axles, all trailers – 10″ electric-self-adjusting and includes safety self-charging breakaway switch, 

Up to 7000#.

A-Frame, zinc plated, 14000# rating, 2-5/16″.

Aluminum tube cross members on 24″ centers. OPTIONAL 12” centers.

4,000# capacity yellow zinc plated D-Ring are BOLTED though the crossmember with carriage bolts. 4 to 5 on each side. OPTIONAL As many as you wish but limited by crossmember count and location.

LED Lights, 7 terminal junction box with RV style 7 way connector

Aluminum treadplate.


Treated 2×8 and 2×10. OPTIONAL6″ interlocking Aluminum Floor. (We believe it’s the strongest on the market.)

Aluminum 2×5″ – double hollow tube

Stylish Wolverine graphics

Grease Fittings
On spindles that lubricate both inner and outer bearing

5 Bolt, 10″ Drum

All LED – Lifetime warranty. Every lighted location including 2 amber and 2 reds on both sides. 2 long slimline tail lights and 3 lights identification bar in the back, back-up lights on rear and sides. Last but not least is the license plate light. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty

2 included – 16″ wide x 5′ long aluminum – grooved with each ramp weighting 27# with a total capacity of 6000# (both sides) 

Rub/Grab Rail
OPTIONAL 5/8″ thick, Hi-tensile T-6 alloy, 3 inch wide

Running Boards

Safety Features
The safety chain is an upgraded #7,600 breaking strength chain. It absolutely costs a bit more but so well worth the extra few bucks. Not only that, but the S hooks are big enough to actually hook on to something. We have seen chains so small that they won’t

Side Rails
OPTIONAL Various Heights, Various Lengths What do you want?

Stabilizer Jacks
OPTIONAL Manual 2500# Drop Legs

Stake Pockets

Double eye 4 leaf spring. 3500# rated at 1750#. 5200# rated at 3500#. The 5200# springs at 3500# rating are a bit of an overkill, but you will appreciate it.

Radial Tires 205×15 (ST20575R15) – 5 lug – Load Range C – Max load 1820# per tire. Radial tires pull smoother and last longer. Spare included.A “No Excuse Guarantee”, Five (5) year warranty against manufacturers defect, 2 Year Free Roadside Assistance,  (Tires must be registered with tire manufacturer to activate warranty and roadside assistance)  

Tongue Jack
5000# with removable 6″ wheel 

Long-lasting yellow zinc u-bolts through-out.

Custom aluminum alloy 15″

All Models

5 Series 714 • 5 Series 716 • 5 Series 720 

84″ Wide Between Fenders • Overall  Length 54″ Longer Than Deck • Cargo Capacity 6,160#

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