SELECTION –  With 4 models to choose from you’re sure to find a trailer perfectly suited to get your needs and budget.

RADIAL NITROGEN FILLED TIRES – If you’ve got experience pulling a trailer with bias ply tires and felt bouncing that didn’t seem right that’s basically the chance you take with bias ply tires. If a perfect smooth pulling trailer is a top priority this is the only way to go.

2 YEAR ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE – You’ll need to fill out the correct documents but in the event you need it you’ll be glad you had it. This program applies to these tires.

3500# AXLES – Especially important on single axle trailers. Axles all have E-Z lube grease fitting on spindles.

ADJUSTABLE UNI-BODY SUSPENSION – The complete axle assembly including the fender is easily moved forward or backwards. This helps you obtain the perfect tongue weight distribution. Most of our competitors offer maybe possibly adjustment on the axel only but “none” on the fender which makes it a moot point.

FULL SIZE JEEP STYLE FENDERS – Standard on all, models except for the All-American.

INDUSTRIAL GRADE LUMBER – You can choose various lengths and dimensions that will fit any requirement. We offer both 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 as well as marine grade carpeting and the forever lasting durable plastic bunk wraps.

ADJUSTABLE LOAD GUIDES – Adjustable 8’ long horizontal load guides are standard on all float-on trailers with the exception of the All American. When these load guides are adjusted properly it doesn’t matter if its windy, if there is a current, or if you can’t see if the motor is straight from the captains chair. Throttle up to the stand. That’s it. Attach the strap properly and you’re ready to bring your Pontoon out of the water. The easiest loading experience you can imagine. Loading your pontoon boat with there load guide will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

WELDED EXTRA WIDE BUNK STAND – Welded extra wide bunk stand. This feature is going to last you a long time. No loose nuts and bolts. The 18” wide steps and handrail make both entering and exiting your pontoon boat while its on the trailer both comfortable and safe. Included on every bunk style trailer is an awesome 1700# winch. It comes with a 2” wide nylon strap with snap hook. Try using that 1200# winch on your pontoon. You’ll see why-

.125 Wall Tubing-Standard – Best durability on the market. Additionally the 2 x 2 cross members are a full 84” long.