3500# CAPACITY AXLES – It goes without saying these are narrow axles. Put an 8’ or 8 1/2 wide pontoon boat on this style trailer with week suspension and you’ll make yourself sick with worry when you hit that bump in the road or launch-not to mention sharp turns. Put two of these axles on your trailer for cheap insurance and confident manuvering.

GREASE ZERKS ON THE SPINDLES – Evenly grease both the inner and outer bearings. Sure beats removing the hub to “re-pack” grease in the inner bearings.

RADIAL TIRES – Load Range D5-30HZ “ST175R1Z”

BRIGHT ZINC HOT DIP GALVANIZED RIMS – Not only do they look great but they’re more durable than painted rims. Better value. Standard for a limited time only.

INDUSTRIAL GRADE BRAKE WINCH – This a manual winch. It has to be hand drawn whether raising or lowering your trailer. Prevents slip especially when under weight. Prevents serious injury and protects gears. Large hub available only on this style winch makes cranking easier and 2 times faster.

UNBREAKABLE WATERPROOF TAIL LIGHTS – We use not submersible but “waterproof” self contained taillights. Also for damage protections when backing up we use 1/2” steel rod welded in front of them.

BRILLIANT 2 BULBS EACH SIDE MARKER LIGHTS – Having 2 bulbs does cost a little extra but when you see them at night you’ll certainly appreciate them.

PERFECTLY PLACED TIE-LOOPS – in both the front and rear of the trailer – Easily and safely secure your pontoon to the trailer with these custom welded 3” tie-loops.

9″ CARPET DECK STOPS – Instead of banging your deck into metal why not protect that expensive aluminum trim on your pontoon by having a “softer” “gentler” stop?

DURABLE 4X2 AND 3X2 11 GAUGE STEEL TUBING –  .125” – Just a whole lot stronger than only using 3 x 2 or 2 x 2. Not a lot more money.