4 Series Aluminum Utility Trailers – Single Axle 10′ 12′ 14′

There’s more than meets the eye on these great heavy aluminum trailers

Compare the following standards
• 15″ radial nitrogen filled tires. Tires filled with NitroFill™. Nitrogen helps hold air when trailer is idle for long period of time. Radial tire pull smoother and last longer
• Tire Warranty: A “No Excuse Guarantee”, Five (5) year warranty against manufacturers defect, 2 Year Free Roadside Assistance, Tires filled with NitroFill™ (Tires must be registered with tire manufacturer to activate warranty and roadside assistance) •
• 5 bolt aluminum rims are standard and actually a good amount lighter than steel. Included are stainless gorilla acorn nuts that protect hub studs as proving a good looking touch as well as a center that offers even more protection than only having a dust cover to protect bearings.
• Grease Fittings: On spindles that lubricate both inner and outer bearings •
• Galvanized steel tube #3500 capacity 4″ drop axle – galvanized steel is a much more durable finish than a painted steel axle. It’s practically bullet proof. The axle is usually the first thing to rust. A drop axle is great for low profile loading, etc.
• Galvanized steel 5 bolt hubs include yellow zinc studs. Painted hubs can rust overnight. And if your painted hubs rust imagine how fast the studs rust. Usually the first time you run lug nuts over them the paint is gone. Rusty studs and nut = misery later.
• Aluminum 4×2 tube frame. These trailers are stronger than a lot of steel ones you see.
• Aluminum tube cross members on 24″ centers.
• Treated 2×8 and 2×6 wood floor. Not mesh, not plywood, not deck boards. This is as solid as it gets and is more forgiving than an aluminum floor. (Extruded interlock aluminum floors are available for those with the need.)
• 4,000# capacity yellow zinc plated tie loops are BOLTED though the crossmember. 6 per trailers and can always add more.
• 2×2 aluminum tube sides 12″ high. Flush to the outside of the trailer giving more interior room. Aluminum tread plates sides can be added on if you wanted to close off for hauling loose debris. Not to difficult to add wood to the interior as well.
•  5′ and 16″ wide aluminum ramps (2). With the 4″ drop axle and low profile design the 5′ ramps offer an incredibly comfortable transition. Ramps can be used together or spread apart the the entire width of the trailer. Added benefits of the ramp designs include strength. Fold down ramps are simply weak and don’t hold up in a lot of applications. Not only that but once you pull a trailer with fold down ramps the wind resistance and fuel mileage you get are drastic negatives. The ramps are easy to get to and mount on the front of the trailer. You won’t hear rattle pulling it either like you will with slide under floor style ramps. Another plus is that it is easier on your back. A lot.
• Fold -Down Ramp Gate for the landscape professional where time is your most precious commodity (Optional) Consideration for making the decision to upgrade.
• Brilliant LED lights for every lighted location including 2 amber and 2 reds on both sides. 2 long slimline tail lights and 3 lights identification bar in the back. Last but not least is the license plate light. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
• Plastic license plate holder is located for easy view and also out of the way keeping your plate in perfect condition for the life of your trailer. Surely you’ve seen beat up and bent license plates on trailers because they were put in a very inconsiderate place on the trailer. You’ll keep your lifetime trailer plate in great condition. Particularly if you are from Michigan or another state that has lifetime trailer plates.
•  A-frame tongue goes to the outside of the trailer frame and then has another tube that goes back to the front of the axle on each side of the trailer. The basically gives you a strong trailer capable of HEAVY and UNEVEN loads.
• Bolted on ZINC plated 2″ A-frame coupler. Basically this is a 5,000# capacity coupler. Overkill? Yes! But better safe that sorry. You’ll find some aluminum straight tongues and also painted couplers. These are expensive trailers and you deserve to know why!
• 3,000# zinc plated jack. This is an upgraded jack that matches the actual payload of these trailers. More that 2x stronger and better than you will find on other trailers. Again, zinc plated. It will keep looking good for years.
• Durable 6″ poly wheel at the bottom the jack instead of a skid plate (or worse). This wheel makes moving the trailer around so much easier, especially when empty. Comes in real handy when you are lining up the trailer to hook up to the towing vehicle.
• Protected industry standard 4 way flat harness. The end of the wire harness is protected with a safety loom. The rest of the harness is inside the aluminum tubing which also gives it added protection.
• The safety chain is an upgraded #7,600 breaking strength chain. It absolutely costs a bit more but so well worth the extra few bucks. Not only that, but the S hooks are big enough to actually hook on to something. We have seen chains so small that they won’t.
• Trailer Warranty: 5 year (click to review)

We want you to feel comfortable knowing that every one of these trailers have been thought out to give you the best trailer that money can buy. You will see more materials and a whole lot of labor for, in many cases, less money. For sure, less money in the long run.

4 Series – 5×10 • 4 Series – 6×12 • 4 Series – 7×14


5 x 10

60″ Between Fenders • 78″ Outside Width • 120″ Inside Length • 174″ Overall Length • 520# Empty Weight • 2,995# Cargo Capacity

6 x 12

72″ Between Fenders • 90″ Outside Width • 144″ Inside Length • 198″ Overall Length • 660# Empty Weight • 2,995# Cargo Capacity

7 x 14

84″ Between Fenders • 102″ Outside Width • 168 Inside Length • 222″ Overall Length • 940# Empty Weight • 2,995# Cargo Capacity

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series – Photo 1

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 2

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 3

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 4

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 5

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 6

Series 4 – Convenient, Protected License Plate Bracket


4 Series  – Photo 8

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 9

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 10

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 11

Wolverine Aluminum Utility Trailers

4 Series  – Photo 12

4 Series - ATP Sides - Fold Down Gate

4 Series – ATP Sides – Fold Down Gate

4 Series – Removable Sides (use ramps for side load)